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July 31, 2008


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Tom Cagley

Regardless of tool set (open source, free ware or CISCO) the example of using the combination of WEB 2.0 tools and virtual worlds is the future.

I recently discussed the topic on my podcast, Software Process and Measurement Cast (www.spamcast.net). The interview both supports your premise and causes me to think that we still have a long way to go for mainstream organizations to embrace these types of tools. We are still wrestling with how command and control structures found in many organizations can adapt without the perception of loss of control.

I would like to hear your take.

Evan Rosen

Enterprises that have already embraced some attributes of information democracy have an easier time with social networking and virtual worlds. Information democracy means everybody has access to the same data and information regardless of role or level. Clearly, command-and-control cultures are unlikely to embrace information democracy.

So, it gets back to culture. Tools rarely create collaboration without the organizational culture to support those tools. Organizations are waking up to the reality that collaborative cultures create more value than command-and-control, internally-competitive, star-oriented cultures.

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